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Daily Pro Wrestling History (07/14): Harley Race wins King of the Ring; Austin & Foley win WWF tag titles


Kansas City, Kansas:
- The Viking & Jack Donovan defeated Bob Ellis & The Stomper to win the NWA North American tag team titles


Rockford, Illinois:
- Billy Robinson beat Ivan Koloff by DQ
- Wahoo McDaniel beat Don Muraco
- Larry Hennig beat Ramon Torres 
- Hans Herrmann beat Bull Bullinski


Chicago, Illinois:
- In a non-title Human Cage match; Dick the Bruiser & The Crusher beat AWA tag team champions Nick Bockwinkel & Ray Stevens (it was scheduled as a cage match, but the cage did not arrive so they came up with a human cage match or lumberjack match)
- Bob Ellis no contest Ivan Koloff
- Ken Patera beat Vic Rossitani
- Pepper Gomez beat Rene Goulet
- Bob Bruggers beat George Gadaski 
- Greg Gagne beat Bill Crouch

Milwaukee, Wisconsin:
- AWA champion Verne Gagne beat Superstar Billy Graham by DQ
- Wahoo McDaniel & Billy Robinson beat Blackjack Lanza & Blackjack Mulligan in 2 out of 3 falls
- Larry Heiniemi beat Bill Watts by DQ
- Geoff Portz beat Joe Scarpello 
- Reggie Parks beat Billy Red Cloud


Salem, Oregon:
- Jesse Ventura defeated Playboy Buddy Rose 


St. Louis, Missouri:
- Dick The Bruiser defeated Dick Murdoch to win back the NWA Missouri heavyweight title

Minneapolis, Minnesota:
- Pat Patterson & Ray Stevens beat AWA tag team champions Greg Gagne & Jim Brunzell by DQ 
- Bob Orton Jr beat Mighty Igor Vodik by countout
- Lord Alfred Hayes & Super Destroyer Mark II beat Evan Johnson & Dr. X 
- Steve Olsonoski beat Frank Hill


Portland Oregon:
- Dutch Savage beat 'Playboy' Buddy Rose in a Coal Miners Glove match 


Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada:
- in a non-title match; Mad Dog Vachon & Verne Gagne beat AWA tag team champions Ken Patera & Jerry Blackwell 
- Wahoo McDaniel & Baron Von Raschke beat Blackjack Lanza & Bobby Heenan
- Greg Gagne beat Sheik Adnan 
- David Schultz defeated Brad Rheingans


Macon, Georgia:
- Ted DiBiase defeated The Spoiler to win the NWA national heavyweight title

Indianapolis, Indiana:
- Jim Brunzell beat King Kong Brody by DQ
- Road Warriors beat Steve O & Curt Hennig
- AWA champion Rick Martel beat Nick Bockwinkel
- Fabulous Ones beat Steve Regal & Larry Zbyszko 
- Tony Atlas beat Chris Markoff


St. Paul, Minnesota:
- Sgt. Slaughter & Greg Gagne beat Nick Bockwinkel & Ray Stevens by DQ
- AWA champion Rick Martel beat Michael Hayes by DQ
- AWA tag team champions Road Warriors beat Bill Irwin & Scott Irwin (The Long Riders)
- Bob Backlund beat Larry Zbyszko 
- Terry Gordy & Buddy Roberts beat Steve O & Buck Zumhofe

Asheville, North Carolina:
- NWA US champion Magnum TA defeated Nikita Koloff
- NWA TV champion Dusty Rhodes defeated Buddy Landell


Foxboro, Massachusetts:
-  Harley Race defeated Pedro Morales to win the King of The Ring tournament 


St. Louis, Missouri:
- Sid Vicious defeated Tom Zenk
- NWA US tag team champions The Midnight Express
- Bobby Eaton & Stan Lane defeated The Southern Boys
- Sting & Lex Luger defeated Harley Race (substituting for an injured Ric Flair) & Barry Windham by DQ


Baltimore, Maryland:
- Lex Luger defeated Barry Windham in a steel cage to win the vacant WCW world title 
- Nikita Koloff defeated Sting in a Russian chain match


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:
- Jimmy Snuka pinned ECW champion Johnny Hot Body to win the title  


San Antonio, Texas:
- Steve Austin & Dude Love (Mick Foley) defeated Owen Hart & Davy Boy Smith in a tournament final for the WWF world tag team titles


Binghamton, New York:
- D'Lo Brown defeated Hunter Hearst Helmsley for the WWF European title


- Sting beat Ken Anderson to win the TNA championship