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Injury updates: Cody, Will Ospreay, Matt Sydal, Hangman Page

- Cody needed eight stitches for the cut he suffered at Full Gear last night. He suffered a costochondral (rib) separation as well when he did a dive and crashed on the metal part of the ramp landing on both his face and ribs. AEW listed that he was right now not medically cleared. It was said to not be badly injured.

Dr. Michael Sampson checked on Cody after he hit his head not the ramp to determine whether he could continue. Obviously there would have been hell to pay if it was stopped given they had a long time left and had laid out a major match. 

- Will Ospreay injured his shoulder at the New Japan show in San Jose last night. It popped out during a handspring move and he was clearly in a lot of pain. But he did get medical attention. Kazuchika Okada had to work several minutes on his own but Ospreay did come back and he said he doesn't think the shoulder is out.

- There was also a Matt Sydal injury scare at Evolve. During his match yesterday with Leon Ruff, he got numbness in his arm and feared suffering a neck injury during the match. He was treated backstage and was fine but still had numbness.

- Hangman Page may have suffered a stinger in last night's match with Pac as he was having problems with his right arm but he is still at this point expected to work against Pac on Wednesday night's Dynamite in Nashville.