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Matt Cardona vs. Nick Gage announced for GCW Homecoming

A match between Nick Gage and Matt Cardona has officially been set.

Game Changer Wrestling announced that Cardona will face Gage for the GCW World Heavyweight title at GCW’s Homecoming event, which will take place on July 24 in Atlantic City, New Jersey. This follows a confrontation that took place during a live podcast in Baltimore that was hosted by Cardona. Gage entered the room the podcast was being held at, looking for Cardona, but was eventually taken away by security.

This follows what happened at GCW’s Zombie Walk event on June 6, where a masked man attacked Nick Gage. The person appeared to have Jon Moxley’s mannerisms, another person that Gage has been feuding with. The person laid out Gage with Moxley's paradigm shift finisher, but when the person took off their mask, it was  revealed to be Cardona.

GCW will hold two events at the Showboat in Atlantic City on July 24 and the following day on July 25.