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Michael Elgin arrested for violating protection order

Aaron Frobel (Michael Elgin) has been arrested for violating a protective order.

A WrestlingNews.co report says that Elgin was arrested on June 29, days after he was reported missing on Facebook but was later said to be found safe. His ex-fiance, who WrestlingNews.co identified by her first name Alex, filed the order of protection on May 21 after leaving her home in April due to safety concerns. She said that she was "being abused physically, mentally, verbally, and emotionally” by Elgin.

Alex, who talked to WrestlingNews.co, said that Elgin had violated the order over sixty times, and has used suicide as a manipulation tactic. According to WrestlingNews.co, the protective order states:

I had a plan to leave a few times before but always backed out from fear. Since I left I have received hundreds of phone calls, hundreds of text messages, numerous videos, and suicide threats from him. He has also reached out to my friends and family. Whenever I or someone he has reached out to block him, he uses the free text/calling apps to make a fake number and continues calling and texting. Sometimes saying it is him, sometimes pretending to be other people. I have asked him not to contact me numerous times.

Since I’ve been in a relationship with the respondent I have suffered sexual, mental, emotional, and verbal abuse from him. Abuse included:

  • punishment for saying no to sex
  • berating me verbally in public
  • berating me verbally in private
  • isolating me from my friends and family
  • monitoring my phone and computer to see if I am complying – extreme control
  • sexual caretaking
  • pressure to engage in sex acts I expressed not wanting to do
  • exposing my sexual health by seeing male and female sex workers during our relationship
  • insulting and shaming me
  • intimidation

I recently found out he has been texting me our entire relationship from different fake numbers pretending to be people from my past and saying nasty things about me. I believe this was used along with many other tactics of control and manipulation to break me down and keep me under his control.

Elgin has only made sporadic wrestling appearances since being fired from Impact Wrestling last year due to Speaking Out allegations. He previously had runs in Ring of Honor and New Japan Pro Wrestling.