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MLW SuperFight live results: Low Ki vs. Tom Lawlor title match

MLW's second live special on beIN Sports takes place tonight from the 2300 Arena in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

There will be two title matches at tonight's SuperFight event. After winning a title shot in this past July's Battle Riot match, "Filthy" Tom Lawlor will finally challenge for Low Ki's MLW World Heavyweight Championship. Low Ki has been champion since he defeated Shane Strickland for the title in July.

The MLW Tag Team Championship will also be on the line as The Hart Foundation challenge for Pentagon Jr. & Fenix's titles. This match was originally supposed to happen in December before an injury to Fenix delayed it. Teddy Hart instead defeated Pentagon in a singles match at the December tapings in Miami.

Pentagon & Fenix have been MLW Tag Team Champions since June.

Kotto Brazil vs. Ricky Martinez is also set for tonight. The live special begins at 8 p.m. Eastern time.


Should be pointed out that no Tony Schiavone tonight so it's Matt Stryker joining Rich Bonini on commentary

Lucha Brothers (Pentagon Jr and Fenix) vs The NEw Hart Foundation (Teddy Hart and Davey Boy Smith Jr) accomponied by Brian Pillman Jr

Fans were into both teams, chanting BOTH THESE GUYS early. Lucha Brothers took most of the match, which went through a commercial break. Pillman was a non-factor at ringside, at least early. 

Lucha Brothers were using double team moves, including a "Mexican Destroyer" (as called by Matt Stryker). Pentagon hit a 2nd oneon the ring apron, the hardest part of the ring, on Teddy Hart and would've had a 3 count but Pillman pulled the ref from the ring to break up the count. No disqualification for that one. 

The Hart Foundation hit their Doomsday Destroyer on Fenix, after removing the mask of Pentagon, and Teddy Hart got the pin to become a double champion. 

WINNER AND NEW MLW WORLD TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS - The New Hart Foundation of Davey Boy Smith Jr and Teddy Hart

Good match. Slower than most Lucha Brothers matches but that's not necessarily a bad thing. Despite being crowd favorites early, the fans were not that into the Harts winning the belts.

Lawlor was shown warming up backstage and Low Ki cut a promo going over the last 7 months since winning the MLW title and all the guys he's beaten. He promised to be more violent than ever before and promised to take "the lion's mane". Maybe threatening to cut Lawlor's hair?

Kotto Brazil vs Ricky Martinez (w/Salina De La Renta)

Brazil was out wearing an eye patch and Martinez came to the ring, mocking him, wearing a blindfold over his head and acting like he couldn't see. 

Brazil did a Tope Con Hilo to the outside on Martinez before the bell and was all over him outside the ring. After a couple of minutes of this, he finally rolled Martinez into the ring and hit a top rope dropkick and the match was officially started. De La Renta grabbed Brazil's foot to turn the tide and Martinez knocked him outside the ring and into the metal barriers outside. 

Kotto did a dive to the outside onto Martinez, who caught him and slammed him onto the apron and then picked him up and slammed him on the floor. Martinez took over on the inside of the ring for the next several minutes. Lots of gratioutous shots of De La Renta's cleavage during the heat spots. 

Brazil turned things around by throwing Martinez off the top rope made a nice comeback but the crowd wasn't that into it so it was kind of flat (unlike De La Renta). Brazil hit a nice frog splash, which got a near pin. Martinez hit an electric chair drop and a wheelchair German suplex but that combination also only got a two count. Light chants for Kotto at this point, with De La Renta screaming SHUT UP at the dozen or so fans who started the chant. 

Martinez rolled out of the ring after being hit by a German suplex from Kotto but Brazil went after him and rolled him back in. Martinez pulled the eye patch off of Brazil and then hit him with a knee to the face for a 2. Brazil hit a destroyer (a Haitian Destroyer, called by Bonini) but the ref was distracted by De La Renta. Brazil went after her. Martinez came in for the save. De La Renta maced him and Martinez covered for the win. 

WINNER - Ricky Martinez 

The announcers were doing the fake cough to sell the mace or pepper spray or whatever it was supposed to be. The crowd was not into this at all and this whole match died a slot death. They tried and it was good action for the most part but the lack of crowd heat really took it down a notch. 

Afer a commercial break, a promo aired for the returning Jimmy Havoc, aka "England's most dangerous man". Matt Stryker announced the next live special in 4 weeks from Chicago called Intimidation Games. 

MJF crashed the victory party of the New Hart Foundation and the former champion challenged Teddy Hart for the middleweight title he never lost. Hart cut a promo on him, mentioning "The Elite" and saying that he should go there because the Harts run this company. 

A short promo for "Southern Psycho" Mance Warner aired in place of an MLW control center featuring Tony Schiavone had cut to. Not sure if that was a technical SNAFU or if they just did it to hide the fact that Schiavone isn't really there. It came off very awkward and Stryker basically just said that anything can happen on live TV. 

They announced Superfight II will take place in Los Angeles on February 1st, 2020. Main event is next with less than 10 minutes of television time. 

MLW World heavyweight title match - Champion "The Professional" Low Ki (w/Selina De La Renta) vs "Filthy" Tom Lawlor

Lawlor out in his UFC Reebok gear and pulling out his own air during his entrance. Crowd chanting FILTHY. Rich Bonini says that beIN will broadcast this match in it's entirely (he actually says if it goes into "extra innings", beIN will continue to air it). Filthy's left knee and both hands are heavily taped. 

NEW CHAMP chants from the crowd and they don't lock up, brawling to start, which Lawlor gets the best of. Ref gives Low Ki a standing 8 count. (?), which he protests. Lawlor going for an armbar after the match restarts but Low Ki kicks him off. Lawlor hits a suplex and then some ground and pound but Low Ki connects with some kicks and they're both down. Lawlor with a rear naked choke but Ki runs him into the turnbuckle to break it. 

Low Ki grabs a door from under the ring and puts it up against the turnbuckle. Low Ki runs at Lawlor but Lawlor moves and Low Ki punches right through the door, shattering it. Low Ki slaps on a dragon sleeper but Lawlor gets to the ropes and breaks. Lawlor attempts a superplex but Low Ki punches out of it and then hits the Tree of Woe double foot stomp and gets a two. 

Low Ki with a dragon sleeper but Lawlor rolls through and slaps on the rear naked choke. Low Ki passes out without tapping.


They went right off the air after the finish as we were right up to the top of the hour. Match was good but very rushed as clearly something must have gone long earlier in the night and they had to get the show in under 60 minutes. Crowd reacted well to Lawlor winning the belt and Selina at ringside was throwing a temper tantrum as the show ended.