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NWA 73 live results: Nick Aldis vs. Trevor Murdoch title vs. career

For the second time in as many nights, the NWA returns to pay-per-view from the famous Chase Ballroom in St. Louis, MIssouri, with their anniversary show: NWA 73.

The show will be headlined by the third meeting between NWA World Champion NIck Aldis and Trevor Murdoch with the latter putting his career on the line if he cannot defeat the champion.

Ric Flair, a ten-time NWA World Champion, will also make an appearance. 

The headliner is one of four title matches as Aldis stablemate Chris Adonis defends against James Storm while Women's Champion Kamille will defend against Saturday's Invitational Cup winner Chelsea Green. The Tag Team titles will also be on the line as reigning champions Aron Stevens and Kratos face Mecha Wolf and Bestia 666.

The rest of the card will see Mickie James return to the ring against Kylie Rae; the next contender for the National title to be decided in a 12-man battle royal; a three-way "Brawl in the Lou" between Thom Latimer, Crimson and Tim Storm; and a six-man featuring TV Champion Tyrus, the Masked Man and Jordan Clearwater vs. former champion Da Pope, Parrow and Odinson.

Our live coverage begins at 8 PM Eastern



The preshow started with Jax Dane at ringside with May Valentine. Dane talked about how he isn’t wrestling tonight, but due to the Champions Series he can cash in for a title match. He also talked about Crimson, and how he was cheering for him in his match tonight, but hinted that Crimson was in his shadow, so it was time for him to step out.

The Hex (Marti Belle & Allysin Kay) & Lady Frost defeated Taryn Terrell, Paola Blaze, & Jennacide

This was a mostly fine tag match, but Marti Belle did not look good. Everyone else was fine though, and I liked the finish, as it sets up some intrigue between Lady Frost and The Hex.

Marti Belle and Paola Blaze started the match, but Belle was immediately lost and there was a series of botched moves. Allysin Kay and Jennacide ended up in the ring, and that was an immediate improvement. Jennacide got nailed with a stunner from Kay, who tagged in Marti Belle again.

Belle got a knee to the back from Terrell, which resulted in her getting distracted and Jennacide cutting her off. They then started to get the heat on Marti Belle. It didn’t last long though, as Belle and Kay dumped Jennacide to the floor before hitting the Hexecution on Blaze. Lady Frost blind tagged in and then hit a moonsault on Blaze for the pinfall.

Austin Idol was with May Valentine at ringside. Idol talked about how St. Louis was the gateway to the west, and that he was the gateway to the NWA. He talked about Tyrus and the only risk he would have is that he might get bored beating people up.


PJ Hawx defeated Colby Corino

Corino started the match, roughing up Hawx. Hawx kicked Corino in the midsection, causing him to fall to the apron. Corino blocked a suplex into the ring and hit a spear through the ropes for a 2-count. Corino did a bridging chinlock, but Hawx simply rolled on top of Corino to escape and got a 2-count.

Hawx suplexed Corino into the ring through the middle rope, which was impressive. Hawx made a bit of a comeback here, hitting a Fisherman’s Buster for a 2-count. Corino begged off to sucker Hawx in, hit a package backbreaker and a senton for a 2 count, but Hawx rolled through an attack and locked on the Hawx Clutch and got the tap out!


Main Show

May Valentine, Aron Stevens, and Kratos did another mock promo like it was 1968 this time, talking about the 20th anniversary of the NWA before fading to footage of Pat O’Connor, and then the intro video narrated by John Goodman. This was really great.

The Brawl in the Lou: Tim Storm defeated Thom Latimer, & Crimson

This match was way wilder than I could have imagined, as everyone did some crazy stuff in this one. Tim Storm winning was a perfect way to open the show. Very good match here, and Tim Storm led the fans in an NWA chant after victory.

Before the match started, Jax Dane attacked Crimson and threw him into the guardrail. Dane bridged a ladder between the stairs and hit a Fireman’s Carry slam onto the ladder, leaving him laying on the mat before beating Crimson down with the ladder. The crowd booed Dane. In the chaos happening, Latimer nailed Tim Storm with a few chair shots, demanded the bell be rung, and Storm kicked out at 2.

Tim Storm rolled the floor, pulled a garbage can out, and nailed Latimer with it. Storm setup the can in the corner, and clotheslined Latimer to the floor. Storm pulled a huge ladder out from under the ring, which popped the crowd. Storm slammed Latimer on the floor and looked up at the 20-foot ladder. Latimer cut storm off with a trash can lid and sent him into the apron.

Latimer bridged a guardrail across the aisle and laid storm on it before climbing the ladder. Latimer hit a Senton Bomb off the top of the ladder through the guardrail on Storm! That was insane. Crimson made his way down the aisle here, and checked on Storm on the floor, and then rolled into the ring to fight Latimer.

Crimson hit a spinebuster on Latimer and an exploder suplex. Crimson dropkicked a chair into Latimer’s face and setup two chairs in the ring. Crimson hit a Death Valley Driver into the chairs, and as the referee was making the count, Tim Storm pulled the referee from the ring, somehow standing back up.

Storm and Crimson were selling their injuries as they faced off, and the crowd was very behind Storm. Crimson took off his belt, and Storm grabbed the referee’s belt so that it’s even and they started whipping each other with the belts. When Latimer came back in, they both whipped him and threw him out of the ring before.

Crimson tried to hit a Death Valley Driver on Storm, but fell over selling his ribs from the ladder attack earlier. Tim Storm got up and hit Perfect Storm on Crimson and managed to score the pinfall. This match was awesome.


Mickie James defeated Kylie Rae

Solid little match here, and Mickie James looked fantastic. Kylie Rae is great too, so this was fun,

The fans chanted “Thank you Mickie!” before the match, and Kylie Rae joined in. Both women shook hands before the match. The opening part of the match was several holds and some technical wrestling. I really liked that. There was one awkward spot when Rae missed a basement dropkick, but it was just slightly mistimed. They exchanged more holds, and Rae locked on an STF.

James hit a flapjack on Rae and then went to the top rope. Rae rand up and kicked James in the head before climbing the ropes and going for a superplex, but James fought it off and hit a flying Thesz press. Rae hit a superkick on James and got a 2-count, to Rae’s frustration. Rae locked a crossface on, but James slipped out. Rae went for a cannonball into the corner, but James dodged and hit a big DDT for the 1-2-3.

A masked woman came out and attacked Mickie James after the match, and it was Deonna Purrazzo. Purrazzo left James lying in the middle of the ring and Rae came back in to make the save.


Tyrus, The Masked Man, & Jordan Clearwater w/ Austin Idol defeated The End (Odinson & Parrow) & The Pope

Why is Tyrus a thing? This match went too long, and there was too much slow heat in the middle of it.

Parrow started the match with Jordan Clearwater, and it did not go well for him, as Parrow and Odinson dominated him in the early parts of the match. Pope hit a double blockbuster on The Masked Man and Clearwater, but Tyrus attacked him from behind and hit a suplex on Pope. Clearwater came in and they started to work Pope over.

Odinson came in after getting tagged in and got some offence in, but The Masked Man hit a big kick and tagged in Tyrus. The Masked Man hit a suplex on Odinson. Clearwater continued getting the heat on Odinson for the next few minutes. Tyrus climbed up the middle rope and fell into the ring badly as he… I guess it was a splash attempt? I have no idea what Tyrus was actually going for. Either way, Odinson moved and tagged in Parrow.

Parrow and Odinson hit double powerbombs on the Masked Man and Clearwater while Pope hit a suicide dive on Tyrus. BLK Jeez ran out and shoved Odinson off the top rope and Parrow went after him while Tyrus hit the heart punch on Odinson. The Masked Man blind tagged and took the pinfall.


NWA National Championship: Chris Adonis defeated James Storm

This match was merely okay. It was slower paced, but was far better when Storm was on offence. I didn’t like the finish, as I don’t like Dusty finishes like that, but it wouldn’t be the NWA without a Dusty finish.

Storm and Adonis started the match slow, but eventually Storm was able to hit a Thesz press and sent Adonis to the floor. Storm followed, but Adonis posted him and drove him into the guardrail to get the upperhand. Adonis hit a Russian leg sweep and put a chinlock on Storm. Adonis continued to get the heat for a few minutes. Adonis drove Storm’s face into the top turnbuckle several times, but Storm no sold it, and he started his comeback.

Storm hit a flying forearm, an inverted atomic drop, and a clothesline, but Adonis cut him off with a back elbow. Storm hit a kick to the seated Adonis, who was on the top rope. Storm hit a big Frankensteiner off the top rope and went for the 8-Second Ride, but Adonis kicked out. Storm hit a codebreaker and called for the superkick. Adonis blocked it and hit a spinebuster, but Storm kicked out.

Adonis was not discouraged though, and locked on the Master Lock. Adonis transitioned into a full nelson slam, but Storm kicked out. Adonis grabbed Storm’s beer, but Storm superkicked him when he took a swig. The referee counted the pinfall, but Adonis had his foot on the ropes, so the match was not over yet.

Adonis managed to crawl back to his feet and as the fans chanted “Ref, you suck!” Adonis cradled Storm and got his feet on the ropes for the pinfall.


Ric Flair’s car commercial aired, and it was my first time seeing it. It made me laugh quite a bit. Then Kyle Davis introduced Flair as the greatest NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion of all time. Flair got a huge pop from the crowd, and he looked humbled to be back in the Chase. This was already awesome.

Flair talked about what he did yesterday with various celebrities. The reason for this was because he was the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Champion. He said the fans kept the NWA alive. He said that St. Louis and the Chase was his home, and he was glad to be back. Flair asked if he could have a minute to speak, and Corgan told him, “You’re Ric Flair, you can say whatever you want.”

Flair thanked several people, Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Steve Austin, Vince McMahon, and several other people. He said Triple H has the NWA Championship hanging in his office, because he knew and loved Ric Flair. Flair said guys like him, Austin, and Michaels gave him so much, and always asked him stories about the NWA.

Flair told a story about Harley Race, and how he was a go between him and Bruiser Brody, and Flair made it seem like he was terrified to do so. This was fun. Flair talked about everyone he faced at the Chase, and he then said to name any wrestler from the past because they all grew up on the NWA, and they all respected Ric Flair.

Flair talked how important it was to have a ton of different brands of wrestling, because not everyone can make it to WWE or AEW, and he loves being here at the NWA, then on Thursday going to be with Tony Khan, and then being front row watching Chris Jericho. Flair talked about how he returned to WWE in the early 2000s, and he thanked Randy Orton, and then shouted out Charlotte, calling her the queen.

Flair joked that when Corgan called him, he expected to have a match with Aldis. Corgan said, “I just need you to talk” and he said, “Well, okay, I can do that.” That was hilarious. Flair said he was going to do this for free, but Corgan paid him anyway, and then he thanked the fans and everyone who is a fan of him and treated him fairly.

This was great.


12-Man Battle Royal – Judias w/ Father James Mitchell defeated El Rudo, Jamie Stanley, Marsche Rockett, Slice Boogie, Jeremiah Plunkett, Luke Hawx, JTG, Captain Yuma, Rush Freeman, Heartthrob Jaden, Mims, & Sal Rinauro

No one knew who Judias was, despite knowing who James Mitchell were. The match was super slow, and had no real stars in it outside of JTG, and the fans wanted JTG to win. Baffling to have a heel win here when a heel holds the National Title, and now Judias is the #1 contender for Adonis’ title.

Judias was a surprise entrant in the battle royal. This was basically a standard battle royale with nothing majorly eventful happening until a few people were thrown out. The commentators were acting like Judias was the biggest guy in the ring, but he was not. Marche Rockett was bigger, for example. As Rockett and Boogie were trying to get rid of Rudo, Rush Freeman was eliminated.

The Heartthrob was out next. James Mitchell paced at ringside, barking instructions to Judias, who Tim Storm accidentally called Josiah. Tim, that’s me. Not him. Yuma was eliminated in an amusing way by Plunkett as Yuma was posing on the apron. There was a 7-man suplex spot, which got a nice reaction from the crowd. Jeremiah Plunkett was eliminated by Marche Rockett, but Sal Rinauro then tossed Rockett.

Judias hit a crucifix bomb on Sal Rinauro over the top rope onto Rockett and Plunkett. Stanley and Rudo were eliminated next, though a few minutes apart. This match is going too long. Slice Boogie was eliminated by Luke Hawx. Mims went out of the ring quickly after this, and the fans chanted JTG as Hawx and Judias were the other two left.

Judias hit a flying clothesline on Hawx, and Hawx spilled to the floor. JTG went to the apron and Judias kept kicking his hands to try and get him out, but JTG kept grabbing the ropes. Judias blocked a punch, but JTG kept fighting, hitting a big headbutt on Judias, but Judias hit a sloppy punch off the middle rope and JTG fell to the floor. This sucked.


NWA World Women’s Championship: Kamille defeated Chelsea Green

I really wanted to like this match, but I honestly think it was hurt by how great Kamille vs. Leyla Hirsch was last night. There was no way that one could live up to what they did there, as it was truly outstanding. I did like a few of the story elements in this match, and the story of Kamille getting the submission. I liked that.

It seemed Kamille was learning the full nelson from Adonis, because she used it in the early portion of this match before hitting a Bubba Bomb. There were several pinfall attempts, with neither getting the advantage. When they got back to their feet, Green went for the Unprettier, but Kamille powered out and later hit a forearm to the back of Green, driving her into the turnbuckle.

Kamille threw Green across the ring with a gutwrench suplex. Kamille hit a Samoan drop for a 2-count. Kamille worked over the wrist for the next few minutes, but Green managed to hit a cutter and both women were down. Green hit the ropes and hit a few clotheslines. Green hit a twisting sort of neckbreaker for a 2-count.

Green hit a missile dropkick, but Kamille kicked out. She hit a Radio Silence on Green, which was actually a nice little nod to who Green is engaged to. The announcers missed this though. Kamille went for a spear, but Green dodged and hit a German suplex, but Kamille still managed to hit a spear. Green barely got her foot on the ropes.

Green went for the Unprettier, but Kamille countered and then went right after the broken wrist of Green, and forced the tapout. Kamille clearly learned from her match with Leyla Hirsch last night, based on how Hirsch worked over the arm last night.


NWA World Tag Team Championship: La Rebelion (Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf) w/ Konnan defeated Aron Stevens & Kratos

We have new NWA World Tag Team Champions with La Rebelion, despite the best efforts of Kratos and Stevens, who actually looked great as a team here in this match.  Not a bad match at all here, but this match and the women’s title match were hurt by the battle royale pretty badly.

Konnan came out with La Rebelion, offering support to them, and getting a great reaction from the crowd. Stevens started the match with Bestia, and it seemed like Kratos and Stevens ended up on the same page for the most part for this match, though Joe Galli calling them like brothers here seems like they’re going to turn on each other at some point soon. I honestly hope they don’t because I like them as a team.

Kratos did a dead lift suplex on Bestia for a 2-count. La Rebelion and Konnan triple teamed Stevens in the corner. Konnan got on the apron, so Stevens dropped him. I don’t think the boos from the crowd at this was the intended effect. Mecha Wolf mouthed off to Kratos and tagged out to Bestia, as La Rebelion worked over Stevens with fast paced double team moves.

La Rebelion continued to get the heat on Stevens for the next few minutes. Stevens hit a spear on Bestia and went for the tag to Kratos, but Mecha Wolf pulled Kratos off the apron. Kratos got psyched up for the tag and was going nuts on the apron. Stevens finally made the hot tag, and Kratos went wild crushing La Rebelion.

Kratos hit a huge Death Valley Driver on Bestia, but Mecha Wolf broke it up. Mecha Wolf then hit a suicide dive on Aron Stevens, who dropped to the floor hard. Kratos looked infuriated, and I worry for the health of anyone that sees that look in their direction. Kratos hit a huge pele kick on Bestia and then a falcon arrow for a 2-count that Mecha Wolf broke up.

Kratos smashed Mecha Wolf with a huge punch to the delight of the crowd. Kratos put Bestia on his shoulders and tagged in Stevens, but Bestia slipped out and sent Kratos to the floor. La Rebelion hit a double knee shot to Kratos after a low blow from Mecha Wolf to Stevens. Bestia hit a moonsault off the top rope to the floor on Kratos. La Rebelion hit Mark of the Beast on Stevens and scored the pinfall.

Konnan cut a great promo on how great the NWA was, and how great it was that promotions are working together.


NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship: Trevor Murdoch defeated Nick Aldis in a Title vs. Career match

This match was fantastic. There were some highs and lows on this show, but this was a truly great match. I admit, I teared up when his wife and kids came into the ring and they all shared a hug. His whole family was crying with joy. This was awesome.

Trevor Murdoch’s family was in the front row, including his young child, who he kissed on his way to the ring. Murdoch went around ringside shaking hands and high fiving every single fan he could. Murdoch is in his home state, and in the same building that Harley Race wrestled many times.

The crowd chanted for Harley Race before the match, understanding how significant this is. Murdoch went to give his jacket to his wife at ringside, but Aldis attacked him, and they started brawling right away. Murdoch threw Aldis into the crowd, who went nuts as they started brawling around the Chase.

Aldis raked the eyes of Murdoch and raked his eyes and then drove Murdoch into the guardrail. This is what the show needed to get the crowd back, as the wild brawl got them back and invested into this match. Aldis and Murdoch ended up on the stage, trading punches. Aldis went for a suplex on the rap, but Pat Kenney told Aldis to get in the ring. Aldis hit a spinebuster on Murdoch on the stage, and Billy Corgan came out and started telling Aldis to get in the ring.

Aldis challenged Corgan to hit him, and officals had to keep them apart as Corgan tried to get it back to into the ring. Aldis slammed Murdoch on the stage to boos from the crowd. Murdoch and Aldis finally made their way back down to the ring, as Murdoch continued to sell the beating from Aldis.

As soon as the bell rang though, Murdoch fired up and started hitting punches to a roar from the crowd. Murdoch ate a big boot and Aldis hit an Olympic Slam on Murdoch. Aldis clearly learned that from Angle while in TNA, as the announcers pointed out. Aldis hit a Thesz press for a 2-count. Tim Storm was losing his mind at this point, drawing on wrestling history and Aldis’ history to pick up on the little things Aldis did. That was great.

Aldis chopped Murdoch hard in the corner, but got thrown off the top rope when he went for something up there. Murdoch climbed the middle ropes setting up the bulldog, but went for a dropkick instead, but Aldis caught him and went for the figure four, but Murdoch countered and rolled him up. Aldis kicked out, but Murdoch went to a figure four of his own immediately.

Aldis made the ropes, but Aldis sold his knee, as the damage was done. Murdoch charged at Aldis, but he moved and Murdoch hit the ring post with his shoulder. Aldis put on an abdominal stretch on Murdoch and kept doing the old school cheating of grabbing the ropes. The referee kicked the hand of Aldis, and Murdoch hit the hip toss to get out of the move.

Murdoch went for a clothesline, but Aldis ducked and Murdoch leveled the referee by accident. Murdoch hit a big sitout bomb on Aldis and tried to awaken the referee. Aldis low blowed Murdoch. Aldis brought Murdoch to ringside and started beating on him right in front of his son before smashing Murdoch’s head into the ring post multiple times.

Aldis grabbed a table and put Murdoch on it after taking out the time keeper and Kyle Davis to get said table. Aldis went up to the top rope and hit a flying elbow through the table on the floor. Aldis got up first, as Murdoch was left in a heap on the floor. Aldis pulled Murdoch from the wreckage and rolled him into the ring.

Aldis only got a 2-count. The crowd was fully behind Murdoch here, as his son fired up and then Murdoch hit a code red on Aldis for a 2-count. Murdoch tried to get to the top rope to hit the bulldog, but he was exhausted and hurt. Aldis cut him off and hit a tombstone on Murdoch before crawling up to the top rope.

Aldis hit a huge flying elbow, and Murdoch kicked out again, and every fan in the building were on their feet here. Murdoch managed to hit a superplex on Aldis, but Aldis barely kicked out. Murdoch’s son was nearly in tears cheering his dad on, and he went for the bulldog again, but Aldis dodged and locked on the Kingsland Cloverleaf.

Murdoch made the ropes and refused to tap out. Murdoch and Aldis exchanged punches, and Murdoch hit the Harley Race piledriver on Aldis and climbed the top rope and finally hit the bulldog and pinned Nick Aldis clean as a sheet in the middle of the ring.

Ric Flair and Murdoch’s family came into the ring to congratulate him, and Flair talked about how Murdoch should be proud because he represented Harley Race so well. Murdoch thanked all the fans, thanked Harley Race, and said he was going to represent the NWA with everything he got. What a great ending to this show.

Final Thoughts  

This show had a few lows, but the highs of this show were truly great. Trevor Murdoch and Nick Aldis was a satisfying conclusion to their story, with Murdoch finally winning the big one, and celebrating in his home state. This weekend for the NWA can only be seen as a massive success, as they sold out the Chase Ballroom for two nights in a row and delivered two great shows.

The NWA needed a show like this, and having someone like Murdoch finally achieve his dream of being a world champion in the town that Harley Race built, in the venue that Harley Race made famous, was perfect. This show was an absolutely homerun for the NWA, with a fantastic happy ending.