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NWA Power results: Kamille's championship coronation

NWA Power opened with Billy Corgan and Mickie James making an announcement about their first-ever all-women's PPV in addition to NWA 73 -- both of which can you read about here.

Joe Galli Gives The Business To Strictly Business 

Kamille joined Joe Galli to talk about how it felt to be the new NWA World Women’s Champion. She announced she was going to be a part of the main event tonight and brought out Thom Latimer who kissed her.

Galli cut off Latimer, saying Kamille earned this time, he should be ashamed of himself for what he did to Trevor Murdoch at Sunday's PPV, and that he should be proud of Kamille and focus on her.

Galli cut a huge babyface promo on Strictly Business and their cheating, calling them despicable leading to Nick Aldis coming out with Chris Adonis and threatening him. Galli demanded answers for what Aldis did. Tim Storm came out and told him to cool off, protecting him from Aldis. Galli congratulated Kamille, saying she won the title the right way before walking away.

Storm then asked about the NWA National Title tournament. Adonis said that as far as he was concerned, he was still the National champion. Storm rightly pointed out that Aldis put Adonis in the position where he had to lay down the title to enter the no. 1 contender battle royal. Aldis put the blame on Billy Corgan and said it was Corgan’s attempt to keep Strictly Business away from all the titles in the NWA.

Aldis said that there was nothing Corgan could do to stop them from taking the National title and the Tag Team titles -- holding all the gold. Storm then announced all the competitors in the tournament and were presented with a situation where Strictly Business could face off against each other, but it would be friendly competition between friends if it happens. Aldis then announced he was going to be the second for Kamille at her coronation tonight.

-- May Valentine was with former champion Serena Deeb who put over Kamille and how the match went, saying that on that night she was the better woman and who knows what might happen next.

TV Champion The Pope defeated Luke Hawx (w/ PJ Hawx) to retain

This was a great little TV title match here with Pope retaining and having another victory heading toward his Lucky 7. 

Pope had the upper hand in the early going, but Hawx showed some technical ability by countering Pope and getting the advantage. Hawx has been wrestling for 20 years, so it’s nice to see him being positioned as a veteran equal to Pope. For every move that Pope had, Hawx had a counter.

Hawx hit a great dropkick on Pope for a near fall as the time ticked down with two minutes being left. Hawx hit a backbreaker and went right after the back with knees as well. Hawx, knowing he didn’t have much time left, tried to hit some strikes but missed a corner charge.

Pope hit a DDT and both men were down. Pope ducked a second kick attempt and hit an uppercut that drove him to the corner. Pope then hit the Elijah Express for the pinfall victory. He shook hands with both Hawx and his son after the match which got a great reaction from the fans in attendance.

-- As Kyle Davis and Valentine were plugging merchandise, a masked man walked up and said he was signed by Billy Corgan and that Corgan was the only one that knew who he was and why he signed with the NWA. The masked man said that he didn't respect anyone backstage and was here to compete. Interesting.

Taryn Terrell defeated Lady Frost

I didn’t like this at all as it made Lady Frost look dumb. Terrell was very good at being as annoying as possible, but unlike the Young Bucks who often look like fools after being annoying, Terrell did not which got the wrong kind of heat with me.

Terrell left the ring and backed off right away, saying that she really didn’t want to wrestle Frost. Frost demanded that Terrell get in the ring. Terrell said she was going to leave, shook Frost’s hand, and invited her to leave the ring. Frost shook her head and went to leave, but Terrell rolled her up and pulled the tights for the pinfall.

-- Austin Idol & Tyrus came out for an unscheduled promo which Kyle Davis pointed out. Idol responded that Davis’ birth was unscheduled which made me laugh. Idol insisted that Tyrus could knock anyone out with his right hand, leading to BLK Jeez making his way out with a business proposition. Tyrus and Idol left. Seeing an old CZW star from the early 2000s come out on NWA Power was a bit surreal.

-- Valentine was with Trevor Murdoch and said she wished she could be greeting him as NWA World Champion. Murdoch said he was used to being screwed in wrestling, but that when he came to the NWA, he thought he had a chance if he had a one-on-one match for the title. He said he had Aldis beat and still lost. He had given everything and it wasn’t enough. He said he needed time to collect himself and figure out what was next, saying he was a man without direction. He knew what he wanted, but maybe he just wasn’t going to win the big one. His best wasn’t enough and he really struggled with how to tell his son he couldn’t do it. This was a great promo.

La Rebelion (Bestia 666 & Mecha Wolf) & The End (Parrow & Odinson) went to a double DQ

While I’m never a fan of non-finishes, this one worked out well and had a nice little angle to setup a tornado tag or another stip match down the line between both teams. The End looked like monsters, but La Rebelion looked great too.

The End attacked before La Rebelion could get settled. The ref rang the bell, only for Mecha Wolf to get double teamed as Odinson hit a fireman’s carry slam on his own partner onto Wolf for a near fall. Parrow hit a huge chokeslam on Mecha Wolf for another two count. 

The match broke down into pure violence where all four men were fighting and the referee couldn’t get control, calling for the bell. The End hit double power bombs on La Rebelion and left the ring to confront the announcers. As they were saying that no one was safe, La Rebelion hit stereo suicide dives and they all brawled backstage.

-- Aldis entered with two bouquets of flowers for Kamille and introduced her as the NWA Women’s Champion. Melina came down to the ring and got into her face. Jennacide then ran out and pulled Melina away to face off with her, but Melina rolled out of the ring.

Jennacide raised Kamille’s hand, picked up her flowers, and handed them back. Aldis and Kamille celebrated as the show went off the air. This was a rather weak segment to end the show on, but they are trying to build something between Kamille and Jennacide which seems like a logical step given past episodes.

Final Thoughts:

This was a very good episode of NWA Power. I loved Galli standing up for the babyfaces in a very traditional announcer role, but it was so refreshing to see one of them press the heels for answers and for it to get really heated. Aldis looked ready to kill him and Storm making the save but still pressing on the questions was really good too.

Both Pope and Luke Hawx were great too. I like that NWA is giving Hawx a look and lots of chances to look good.

They had several stories move forward tonight and despite the Dusty finish with the Murdoch-Aldis match on the PPV, they are actually trying to make the most of it. I am still reserving judgement because the NWA rarely does that kind of finish, but since we have been burned so often by WWE and TNA doing those kind of things in recent memory, it makes what could be an effective finish for heat actually turn into the wrong kind of heat.

With that said, Murdoch was great in his promo and I’m sure they are building to something with him and Aldis again for the anniversary show in August. We shall see how that goes.