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NWA Power results: Storm vs. Cabana National title match

Colt Cabana came out and talked about how he is getting an NWA National title shot tonight. Cabana spoke about how he is humbled by being a main eventer, but he has earned it.

Cabana said he was 100 percent and ready to go. Fantastic promo from Cabana here, which comes as no surprise. He showed a lot of old school babyface fire.


Aron Stevens came out to talk about Ricky Starks. He said it was a fluke that Starks won their match, and it was just ring rust. Stevens said he has asked the NWA to give him a rematch that is much more fitting of the NWA. Time will tell what that match will be. This was a very good heel promo.

An ad aired announcing that the NWA would be a part of RetroMania Wrestling (a game I am very much looking forward to).


The Dawsons defeated Matthew Mims & Jordan Kingsley

The Dawsons threw Kingsley and Mims all around the ring, using double suplexes and hip tosses. Dave Dawson threw Kingsley across the ring into his partner’s corner and forced the tag. Dave then hit a huge dropkick on Mims, then they followed up with a double-team powerbomb that got them the win.

Dave Dawson said that he and his brother need a Tag Team title shot because they have already beaten the number one contenders. Eddie Kingston and Homicide then came out to a very big pop.

Kingston was hugely loved by the crowd. He said he wasn’t here to complain about the Dawsons beating them, as -- even with the interference -- it was a no DQ match. Kingston said he and Homicide would put their title shot on the line if The Dawsons will give them one more fight. The Dawsons said they would think about it.

This was so good. Kingston was the perfect babyface here, making zero excuses about the loss. The Dawsons were the perfect heels, saying they would think about it and leaving the crowd hanging. I loved this so much.


Joe Galli interviewed Tim Storm about all the tough times he has gone through lately. Storm said he was in a valley. He saw his title shot as his chance to get out of the valley, and he doesn’t regret it. He said he was proud of the match he had with Nick Aldis, but he doesn’t know where he's going from here.

Galli said the Worlds Championship isn’t in his grasp anymore, but that there are other titles. Storm said he would be honored to hold any of them, but he wasn’t sure if that was the direction he wanted. Galli asked if he could talk to Billy Corgan about getting a rematch and chance at the title again. Storm said he would keep his word, and he doesn’t know what he wants.

Aldis came over and took Storm aside and said that he shouldn’t say something he would regret, that he should never lose hope, and never give up because you never know what might happen. Aldis said that it was the two of them that built this place -- and that this is Storm's house is just as much as his.

I watched this segment three times, I loved it so much. I think Storm is turning heel at some point, and it is going to break my heart when he does. It will be so awesome. This was absolutely phenomenal storytelling. Honestly, it might be my favorite segment this entire year.


Thunder Rosa defeated Ashley Vox

Thunder Rosa started the match with a sleeper hold on Vox, but Vox fell back to the ropes. Rosa chopped her and then Vox responded with a headbutt, but Rosa hit a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. Rosa kicked Vox on the back several times and got a two count. Vox rotated around Rosa and locked on the Real Catch, but Rosa fought out and hit a double stomp from the top rope on Vox’s back for the win.

Rosa attacked Vox after the bell and Marti Belle came out to make the save. Rosa held up Vox’s limp body and offered her to Belle and left the ring.

Belle claimed that she didn’t know Rosa, but she was insulted that Allysin Kay didn’t think she was ready. She said Kay was her best friend, and to say that she wasn’t ready was wrong. Kay came out and said “What is this?” and asked why Belle didn’t come to her in private. Rosa then attacked Kay and drove her into the ring post.

Rosa offered Kay to Belle and Belle kicked Kay right in the face. Belle has turned on Kay. Rosa beckoned for Belle to follow her, and she did. This was a very good angle.


A video aired for The Question Mark again, asking who he was.


Ricky Starks defeated Aron Stevens in a two-out-of-three falls match

Stevens ran at Starks, but Starks rolled him up and pinned him in three seconds. Jim Cornette called this the fastest pinfall in NWA history.

Starks rolled him up again, but Stevens kicked out. Starks hit a dropkick and got a two count.

Starks chopped Stevens and smashed his head into the turnbuckle. Starks quoted Dickens and then chopped Stevens again. That was a great spot. As the referee was talking to Starks, Stevens poked Starks in the eye and started to work him over with punches on the mat. Cornette had a great line here, saying “I have friends in Hollywood, and they told me that Stevens was a terrible actor. He couldn’t play dead if you shot him.”

Starks fought out of a headlock and knocked Stevens down with an elbow, a clothesline, and then a tornado DDT for a two count. Starks went to the middle rope, but he missed a dropkick. Stevens bowed down and Starks rolled him up for a pinfall.

The crowd chanted at Stevens that he got beat. Stevens looked shocked after the match. I really enjoyed this, and Stevens is playing the heel really well here. Starks bowed down as Stevens left saying “No!”


Colt Cabana defeated James Storm to win the NWA National Championship

Cornette made a good point before the start of this match -- Eli Drake seems to be playing everyone against each other while no one has gone after him yet.

Cabana hit a shoulder tackle and then punched himself out of the corner and hit a second tackle. Cabana used some tricky -- but very entertaining -- comedy tactics to take down Storm. Cabana went to the middle rope and Storm kicked the legs out from Cabana and crashed into the turnbuckle. Storm then hit a DDT on Cabana, spiking him into the mat.

Storm brought Cabana back into the ring after telling Drake and Mr. Anderson to step aside. Storm jumped off the middle rope and blocked Cabana’s foot, but Cabana just used his other leg and kicked him in the face. The crowd started to stomp their feet loudly for Cabana’s comeback.

Cabana used a headscissors takedown, hit a hip attack in the corner, and drove Storm to the mat with a violent arm wringer for a two count. Storm charged at the corner, but Cabana hit a sunset flip. Storm kicked out and hit a TKO onto the top rope, then dropkicked Cabana on the floor into the crowd.

Storm hit a flying elbow, but Cabana kicked out. Storm put Cabana on the top rope, but Cabana fought out and went for a splash, Storm moved, so Cabana just hopped and hit a big splash for a two count. Cabana went for a clothesline, but Storm blocked it and hit the backstabber for a two count.

Storm managed to hit Eye of the Storm, but Cabana kicked out. Eli Drake got onto the apron to argue with the ref, but Mr. Anderson pulled Drake off the apron. Drake punched Anderson, and Kamille ran out and shoved Drake into Anderson. Anderson punched Drake and stared at Kamille. Cabana used a Superman pin and got the three count. Cabana is the new NWA National Champion.

Did Nick Aldis send Kamille out because he didn’t want to face James Storm? Storm and Anderson faced off and Storm left angry.

This was very good. The angle at the end was especially interesting. While the finish was a little anticlimactic due to all the chaos, the angle more than made up for it. What is Kamille's motivation? What's her angle? Excellent stuff.


The Dawsons came out and demanded to have a match now with Homicide & Kingston. They ran out and started fighting, and it looks like we have a match.

Homicide & Eddie Kingston defeated The Dawsons

The Dawsons were on the defensive early on, but once the ref got control, The Dawsons crushed Kingston between them. They got the heat on Kingston here for a little bit, tagging in and out frequently. Dave Dawson hit a chop in the corner, but Kingston responded with a headbutt. Dave poked the eye and brought him to the corner, but Kingston fought out and tried to crawl toward Homicide.

Dave signaled that Zane Dawson should come in and shove Homicide off the apron. The Dawsons hit a double suplex on Kingston, but Homicide made the save. Zane ate an elbow from Kingston and he hit an STO on Zane and tagged out. Homicide ran wild and started clotheslining both men in the corner.

Homicide ducked under Dave and he crashed into his own partner. Homicide dropkicked Dave and he fell off the apron and into The Wild Cards (Thomas Latimer & Royce Isaacs), who made it to ringside. The Wild Cards grabbed Homicide’s leg as he went to the top rope, but The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express came out and started brawling with them to an enormous reaction.

Meanwhile, in the ring, Kingston hit a Backfist to the Future on Dave Dawson and then Homicide hit the Gringo Cutter for the pinfall. Kingston signaled that he wanted the Tag Team titles, and the show went off the air.

This was a really, really great episode of NWA Power. It might be their best yet. The promo with Tim Storm and Nick Aldis was absolutely fantastic. The Rock ‘n’ Roll Express were great, and every match had something different, even if it was a squash. I had so much fun watching this show.