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NWA Power results: Strictly Business & Villain Enterprises brawl

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Sean Mooney opened the show talking about the matches coming up for NWA Power. These little segments are simple, but it makes it so easy to invest in the matches.

Tim Storm cut a promo about how the fake Mama Storm bothered him and really got under his skin. Storm said that he has his own path to walk and if Strictly Business is a part of it or not, he will get the job done. Thomas Latimer came out and said that Storm was old news, and Strictly Business was done with him.

Latimer accused Storm of trying to drive a wedge between him and Nick Aldis, as he was the best man in Aldis’ wedding. Latimer said that if it got to the point where he had to wrestle Aldis, it would be the best man winning, as they have wrestled before.

Latimer left to boos, and Storm said “This is where the fake Mama Storm usually comes out." Danny Deals from the ads entered.

Deals was the one impersonating Mama Storm, so Tim wanted to get his hands on him. Deals said that he had a deal to help Storm get back on his feet, with a tag team partner. Deals said that he could take door one, which is the easy way, or door two, which is hellfire. Storm said he was going to choose door three and get his hands on Deals' neck.

Deals said that he will make a deal, because he’s Danny Deals. Since Storm didn’t want to team with him, he is going to book him in a match, and if he loses, he needs to get him an NWA contract, but if he wins, he gets five minutes in the ring with Deals.

Deals asked if anyone remembered how Tim Storm won the NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship, and insisted that it was with nefarious means. Deals said the man he took the title from didn’t forget, and he was coming back to get his revenge. Jax Dane then walked out and got in Storm's face. This was absolutely awesome.


Matt Cross was with David Marquez and talked about how the NWA had history, heart, and spirit -- and he has it too. He talked about how he was like the legends of old, hitting the road, but he now wants to find a place to call home, and he thought this was the time and place. Cross said they weren’t afraid of the word wrestling in the NWA, and he was here to live forever.

Zicky Dice defeated Matt Cross and NWA Television Champion Ricky Starks in a non-title triple threat match

This was a non-title match, and it happened because of the time limit draw between Starks and Cross. Dice wormed his way into it to make it a triple threat. Dice rolled out of the ring and pulled Starks to the floor. Both men started brawling as the crowd chanted “We don’t like you!” to Dice.

Cross hit a suicide dive onto both of his opponents, then Cross and Starks hit a double clothesline and both were down. Dice tried to get one over on both of them by sneaking in with pinfall attempts. Cross and Starks sent him to the ropes and hit a double back body drop before resuming their fight.

Starks went for the stroke, but Cross countered and hit the Cross Cutter on him. Cross went to the top rope and hit a beautiful Shooting Star Press on Starks, but Dice threw Cross to the floor and stole the pinfall.

Dice then threw an over-the-top celebration, and I expect he will be getting a TV title match soon.


May Valentine’s diary aired and she talked about how Royce Isaacs got a win over The Rock 'n’ Roll Express, how she was so proud of him for it, and that night he said he loved her. Valentine showed her makeup routine and put makeup on Sal Rinauro to practice on him. She also talked about how Kamille wasn’t really a scary monster. This was fun.


Aron Stevens came out and Joe Galli talked about how he has ran away recently, leaving Question Mark to take a beating. Stevens denied it, and Galli asked if he wanted to be a fighting champion.

Stevens said he was a fighting champion, otherwise he wouldn’t be a third degree National Champion. He then dodged the questions and said Question Mark had a match coming up now.

Trevor Murdoch defeated The Question Mark

Question Mark started the match by attacking rapidly, but Murdoch dodged a Mongrovian Spike and Question Mark hit the top turnbuckle. Murdoch went to the top rope and hit a top rope bulldog for the pinfall.

Stevens immediately attacked Murdoch after the match and began to beat him down, hitting several elbows to the ear on the corner that left Murdoch unconscious. I liked this. It was a good heat angle to show that Stevens really isn’t just a comedy figure, but someone that can be dangerous.


Sean Mooney was with Nick Aldis and got right to business by asking about Villain Enterprises. Aldis said he heroically beat “Flop” Gordon at Hard Times, then mentioned how he and Royce Isaacs beat The Rock 'n’ Roll Express, proving that he is the man and that he is the one driving the NWA forward -- “It isn’t trickle down economics, it’s Nickel-down economics.”

Aldis decided to give Marty Scurll one chance to back out of the deal, and he told Scurll to come out and admit that Aldis was the better man. Scurll entered to a massive reaction from the crowd. Scurll said he was sick of talking and wanted to fight right now. Aldis asked him if he wanted to do this, and Isaacs came out.

Scurll said yes, then Latimer came out. Aldis gave him one last chance, but Marty told them to bring it, because he’s a fighting babyface. Brody King made his way down and Villain Enterprises evened the odds a little bit as Scurll and King started brawling with Isaacs and Latimer.

My major question left after seeing this was where the third member of Villain Enterprises, ROH World Champion PCO, was. We might see him soon, and that is exciting.


Eddie Kingston came out and taped up his hands and talked about how it was time to bust someone up. He wanted to fight Pope right now, as he got rid of The Dawsons with The Bouncers. While looking directly into the camera, Kingston dared Pope to come out. He said Pope probably called the cops.

Pope came out taping his fist, but he ripped it off and grabbed the mic. Pope still insisted he was putting Kingston back on track, and told him that what Pope wanted, Pope got. As he was talking, The Bouncers came out and stood behind Kingston. Pope said he had the money to do whatever he chooses -- and The Bouncers attacked Kingston.

They started beating him down. Kingston kept trying to fight back, but The Bouncers were too much for him. Brawler Milonas climbed to the middle rope and hit a flying leg drop onto Kingston as Beer City Bruiser was holding Kingston up. My goodness, this was a killer angle.


A very good hype video aired for Thunder Rosa vs. Melina. Mooney then announced that The Rock 'n’ Roll Express were the first entrants into the Crockett Cup this year.

NWA World Women’s Championship match: Thunder Rosa defeated Melina via countout to retain her title

Melina accused Thunder Rosa of being disrespectful, so Thunder Rosa shoved her. Melina then rolled to the floor and walked away up the stairs. Melina claimed that Thunder Rosa owed her and said she was the reason Thunder Rosa has the title. Melina got counted out and pointed to her head, saying she was in Thunder Rosa's head.

Allysin Kay met Melina at the top of the stairs and chased her back to the ring before dropping her with a forearm and sending her into the ring. Thunder Rosa stood on the apron and watched as Kay went to attack Melina.

Kamille appeared out of nowhere, speared Kay, and left her laying in the ring. Melina rolled out to the outside and Tasha Steelz and Ashley Vox helped Kay out. Thunder Rosa and Kamille had a staredown as the show went off the air.

For a non-finish in this match, I think it actually made sense. I really enjoyed this episode as it advanced all the major stories in simple, but very effective ways. Eddie Kingston is an absolute star and is beginning to steal the show every week with his promos. Before long, I think he should be in the World title picture.

Thunder Rosa is a star. Plain and simple. She is so over and has such a great presence. Nick Aldis, as always, is proving to be one of the best champions in wrestling today.