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NWA Power Surge results: Tim Storm vs. Thom Latimer

Jeremiah Plunkett defeated Heartthrob Jaden

I was fairly unfamiliar with both of these men before this match; that piece of context is important. Heartthrob’s act seemed like a surface level, almost parodic heel, but I’m blind to his body of work, so there could be something more to his character. Their match was entirely mundane. 

Heartthrob opened the match with a stereotypically heelish offence. Plunkett gained control after Heartthrob paid attention to his hair rather than his opponent. Plunkett did not maintain his advantage for long, however. 

Heartthrob continued to use dirty tactics and again was interrupted as he took too much time in between offense. A DDT from Plunkett dropped Heartthrob, leaving Plunkett with a win.

Thom Latimer defeated Tim Storm

This was a basic match that delivered. Good stuff. 

Latimer tried taking advantage of a distracted Storm before the match began, but failed in his attempt. Storm connected with multiple strikes before Latimer scored a kick to gain control over the former World’s Champion. After a brief back and forth, Latimer raked the eyes, opening Storm up for a piledriver. Storm then failed to kick out of the pin that followed.

[Replay] NWA World’s Women Championship: Kamille (C) defeated Layla Hirsch

This was a re-airing of the EmPowerrr title match. Airing this replay instead of another match in an empty arena was a great call. Hirsch and Kamile had a fantastic match in front of a hot crowd. I can not say enough about this; it was absolutely outstanding. If you missed it during EmPowerrr, seek it out.

Takeaway: This show was a product reintroduction for me. A significant positive for someone unfamiliar with 2021 NWA: the broadcast kept me in the loop to the goings-on of the promotion. The show even went as far as to recap a Nick Aldis match from his time in Mexico’s PTW, screwy finish and all. Good stuff. 

The show also felt more genuine than the NWA immediately after the Corgan relaunch. It was less like an imitation of the promotion’s past; instead, it felt like a tribute. All-in-all, this was a breezy watch with a barnburner main event.