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RevPro Wrestling live results: Kurt Angle vs. Zack Sabre Jr.; Mike Bailey vs. Will Ospreay

Kurt Angle vs. Zack Sabre Jr.

Submitted by Murdo MacKenzie

Sold out show tonight. Stacked card, hot crowd, and hot building.

Marty Scurll def. Noam Dar via submission (chicken wing) at 17:22

They started with some good ol' World of Sport style catch as catch can wrestling. Dar got the upper hand early. Scurl played the 'villain' really well while Dar was the babyface. Yet, the crowd is 50/50 for both guys. This was a very good match. I'm a big fan of the 'villain' gimmick. Scurll has lots of nice little spots that work the gimmick perfectly. Example: setting up the superkick, then just as he calls for it, he faints and stiff kicks his opponent's shin. Great stuff.

Pete Dunne def. Martin Stone after hitting a pump handle fallaway slam at 12:28

Dunne is the British Cruiserweight Champion but the belt is not on the line this evening. This was very much a tough guy, punch/kick match. A good match. After, Stone cut a promo to say thank you to the fans for supporting him. Despite him not living in the UK, he will always be a British wrestler. He puts over Dunne as well.

- Big Damo submitted Big Daddy Walter at 13:30

This a battle of the big guys with both wrestlers trying to…well, I guess out ‘big’ the other guy. This match was ok for a big guy brawl.

- Shibata vs. Zack Sabre Jr announced for the Rev Pro Summer Sizzler in July.

- Will Ospreay def. "Speedball" Mike Bailey after hitting the Springboard stunner at 17:25

Incredible reaction for Ospreay with chants of "You deserve it". He's truly given a ‘heros return’ ovation. They worked a karate vs wrestling/lucha story for the match. "They are artists" chants along with “F*ck you Vader” chants. Ospreay hits a Vader bomb at one point. Looks like that's a new part of his arsenal.

Ospreay gets on the mic and thanks the UK fans and Rev Pro for being his home. He puts over Rev Pro booker Andy Quildan for always believing in him. Osprey states even though he’s only been wrestling for 4 years, this style will take a toll on his body and he most likely won’t work as many dates next year. However, he’ll always find time to come back home to Rev Pro. Nice touch.

Josh Bodom def. Chris Hero at 17:33

Bodom wins after the ref takes a bump from a hero stumble. Bodom hits a low blow while the ref is down and then a spinning back fist for the win.

Redman & Garrett def. British Tag Team Champions The Revolutionists at 8:46 to win the titles

This match started out pretty good with a nice top rope dive from Garret onto James Castle by the entrance, but the match went a bit crazy when all 4 guys were having a free for all in the ring including double pins. Not sure if the match was a NO DQ or tornado rules but it ended in a bit of a mess with Redman & Garrett picking up the victory and becoming NEW Undisputed British Tag Champions

Kurt Angle def. Zack Sabre Jr via submission at 9:03

Big reaction for Sabre, huge reaction for Kurt. They played Kurt's WWE theme and the fans chanted, "You suck". They begin by trading holds and reversals with Zabre getting the better of Angle and subsequently Angle taking charge. Dueling chants throughout the match. The match started at a slow pace with the expectation that they were building to something special. However, they quickly went to near falls/submissions. After a trio of rolling German suplexes, Angle clamped on the ankle lock and it was over.

Mutual respect at the end. Angle cuts a promo to say he was amazed at the level of talent at Rev Pro this evening and thanked the fans. He put over Sabre as one of the best guys on the indie scene. He than apologised for not being able to go at 100% , but he has a knee injury. He said he would be back and we will see him again, "Oh it's true", etc.

This show is available on RevPro's OnDemand service on Tuesday for those wanting to check it out.