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Ross & Marshall Von Erich sign multi-year deals with MLW

Ross & Marshall Von Erich have joined the MLW roster.

It was announced via Sports Illustrated today that Ross & Marshall have signed multi-year deals with MLW. The two are the sons of Kevin Von Erich.

“Signing with MLW is a big deal for us,” Ross told Sports Illustrated. “They are the promotion that has allowed us to be with our dad, help out around the ranch, and still wrestle.”

“We’re able to continue the legacy,” Marshall said. “It’s humbling, we’re honored, and it’s the perfect timing—we’ve never been this ready for this big a stage before.”

Ross & Marshall will make their MLW debuts at the promotion's television tapings in Waukesha, Wisconsin on Saturday, June 1. News of them signing with MLW comes the week after Viceland's Dark Side of the Ring episode on Kevin and the Von Erich family aired, though MLW's Court Bauer noted that they've been pursuing deals with Ross & Marshall since January.

Marshall said WWE had encouraged them to come to Florida for a tryout. He said they were grateful for the offer but want to be as close to their father (who lives in Hawaii) as possible.

“The Von Erich name is not a burden,” Ross said. “We are grateful for our name, it’s a blessing to be a Von Erich. God gave us the right equipment, and we’re going to go out there and do our best."

Ross & Marshall have previously wrestled for Pro Wrestling NOAH. They were part of TNA's Slammiversary pay-per-view in Arlington, Texas in 2014, taking on DJZ & Jessie Godderz. Kevin Von Erich also appeared at that PPV.

Ross is 30 years old, while Marshall is 26.