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SHINE 35 iPPV results: SHINE vs. SHIMMER vs. TNA title bout, MITB match, Blanchard vs. Ellering II

Shine 35

Submitted by Craig Russell from The Orpheum in Ybor City, FL

Rob Naylor and Leva Bates are on commentary.

Lexie Fyfe comes out with the their version of the Money In The Bank briefcase first. During the ring entrances, Mia Yim comes out still mocking Leva Bates' "Blue Pants" character, and is bandaged up and on crutches to further mock Leva's current injury. Lexie announces that Ivelisse is cleared to wrestle, and she is put into this match, turning it into a 5 way for the briefcase. Elimination match rules.

Money In The Bank Women's Match: Kellie Skater vs. Mia Yim vs. Santana vs. Nicole Matthews vs Ivelisse

Yim goes outside the ring, is distracted by Bates, and is counted out; Skater eliminated by Santana via Shining Star Press; Santana eliminated by Matthews via roll up and a handful of tights; Ivelisse pins Matthews with a Snap DDT and wins the briefcase.

Maria Maria & Luscious Latasha vs. Rhia O'Reilly & Viper

Viper performs a corner splash on Latasha. Maria then performs a cross body on Viper and rolls out of the ring. Latasha is still the legal woman and falls on Viper and pins her, so her winning streak is still intact. Viper is over already and the crowd liked her a lot.

Kellyanne vs. Chelsea Green

Kellyanne with a backpack stunner on Chelsea for the pin. Solid match from both of them.

SHINE Tag Team Champions Better Than You (BTY) of Marti Belle & Jayme Jameson vs. Evie & Shazza McKenzie

Jameson hits her "Double D" (spinning side slam) move on Evie for the pin, so BTY retain. Good match where Shazza was the underdog and played for the hot tag to Evie.

Tessa Blanchard vs. Rachael Ellering

TKO by Ellering on Blanchard for the pin which sets up their rubber match. Another good match from both of them. Ellering has gotten better since their first match and looked good in the ring again. After the match, Su Yung runs out to attack Ellering with Blanchard, and as they are taking her to the back, Kay Lee Ray jumps off the stage onto them all and ends up facing Blanchard in the ring. Ray slaps Blanchard before Yung attacks her from behind which leads to the next match. Ellering fights Blanchard to the back while this happens.

Su Yung vs. Kay Lee Ray

Yung hits "The Panic Switch" (spinning Death Valley Driver) on Ray for the pin. Worth the price of admission and possibly match of the night. Lots of back and forth and both women looked sharp. Highlights included a great missile tope by Ray and a dragon screw leg whip into the stairs on Ray by Yung.

SHINE Champion Taylor Made vs. SHIMMER Champion Madison Eagles vs. TNA Knockouts Champion Allysin Kay -- Loser drops their title

Ivelisse turns in her briefcase, and the match becomes a 4 way title match. First pinfall wins the match. Good match, lots of moves and great energy by all four women. Ivelisse taps out Made with a leg lock/inverted cloverleaf finisher and Ivelisse is the new SHINE champion.