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Superstar Billy Graham hospitalized with heart issues

Eldridge Wayne Coleman, 78, better known as Superstar Billy Graham, has been hospitalized this past week with heart issues.

Graham was one of the top two drawing heels in pro wrestling during the 1970s, behind only The Sheik, and held the WWWF championship in 1977-78.  His interviews were copied by some of the biggest stars of that era, including Jesse Ventura, Hulk Hogan, Austin Idol, Dusty Rhodes, Gino Hernandez and countless others. His record of 95 percent sellouts (19 of 20) in Madison Square Garden main events is the highest in the history of the building.

On Sunday he wrote, "Hi fans, There will be no wrestling post tonight. Just this statement from me. I am currently having heart problems which is the title of this message. I am getting ready to go to the Mayo Clinic to be checked out. I am not feeling well and if the hospital admits me, which I am sure they will for future testing tomorrow, I will have Mike, my FB Administrator, give you an update. Superstar B. G.”

Valerie Coleman, his wife, later said that he was suffering from heart issues and fluid in the lungs.

Last night she wrote, "The fluid is coming off slow but every little bit helps. Still in afib as well. They are doubling his diuretic dose for 3 days to see if that works….can’t do more because it can damage his kidneys. The prayers and support are very much appreciated. Thank you!”

Graham's background before wrestling included bodybuilding, where he was a regular training partner of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Franco Columbu in their Mr. Olympia heydays, once boxed in Madison Square Garden before wrestling, and played Canadian Football even though he never played in college. He was also a high school star in track & field.