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Vice TV renews Dark Side of the Ring for 14-episode third season

Dark Side of the Ring is officially returning for a third season.

Vice TV made the announcement today that Dark Side of the Ring has been renewed for season three. The season will premiere in 2021 and will feature 14 episodes.

Dark Side of the Ring is the highest rated show in Vice TV history. Season one aired in 2019 and had six episodes. Season two then debuted this March and had 10 episodes, including a two-part documentary on Chris Benoit.

“‘Dark Side of the Ring’ is a knockout show for Vice TV. The tag-team executive producers Evan Husney and Jason Eisener are true heavyweight champions of the world (of TV), and we are so excited to pin down a third season of this incredible series,” said Morgan Hertzan, executive vice president and general manager of Vice Television. “Seasons 1 and 2 of ‘Dark Side of the Ring’ are examples of the compelling, thought-provoking, and engaging storytelling we champion here at Vice TV. We can’t wait to see what the series will throw down in the third round!"

Vice TV hasn't announced the topics that Dark Side of the Ring season three will be covering. In the Wrestling Observer Newsletter last week, Dave Meltzer gave an update on some of the episodes that are being worked on:

Vice is working on a third season of Dark Side of the Ring after the second season set record viewership numbers for the station. Vice is also coming off this commissioning a first season of Dark Side of Football. The idea the station has is Dark Side of Wrestling worked because it was a deep dive on nostalgic subjects as opposed to the idea wrestling in the past wasn’t well covered mainstream so most viewers knew next to nothing behind-the-scenes on these subjects. But it was notable that those at Vice were not interested in a pro wrestling television series based on the ratings of Dark Side and instead chalk this up to interest in as many different Dark Side subjects as they can. We know they are working on shows on Brian Pillman (I’d say the key people to get would be Kim Wood, Mark Madden, Brian Jr., Melanie Pillman, Liam O’Rourke and myself but obviously I’m not going to be asked but without Wood or O’Rourke it’ll be filled with flaws because O’Rourke is the student of Pillman and Wood worked with him on all his ideas), Dynamite Kid (Bret Hart hasn’t been interested in their shows in the past because of how Montreal was covered and he would be by far the best person to talk with, with Ross Hart second so hopefully they’ll at least get Ross), Grizzly Smith (getting family members which will be one dark story) and going back to WCW talking about the two shows in North Korea in 1995, which really is a fascinating story. I don’t think they can get Ric Flair, who would be tremendous, because WWE doesn’t allow its talent to participate in that series, but Scott Norton is somebody they need to talk with on that one, as well as Eric Bischoff and some of the other guys like Too Cold Scorpio who were on the trip or Antonio Inoki, which at this stage would be very difficult.