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Viceland releases trailer for 'Dark Side of the Ring'

With the premiere episode airing less than two weeks from today, Viceland has released the trailer for their six-episode professional wrestling docuseries.

The series is titled "Dark Side of the Ring" and will premiere on Viceland at 9 p.m. Eastern time on Wednesday, April 10. The schedule for the series is:

  • April 10  -- Randy Savage & Ms. Elizabeth
  • April 17 -- Bret Hart and the Montreal Screwjob
  • April 24 -- Bruiser Brody
  • May 1 -- Kevin Von Erich and the Von Erich family
  • May 8 -- Gino Hernandez
  • May 15 -- Fabulous Moolah

Director Jason Eisener told Entertainment Weekly that there could be a second season if the first is successful. “The first stories that we thought of we didn’t even get them in this first season,” Eisener said. “It’s definitely a series that could continue on and on. There’s plenty more stories to dive into.”

The trailer for "Dark Side of the Ring" is available to watch below: