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Pacific Rim: Bruiser Brody's widow Barbara Goodish

It's a very special episode of the Pacific Rim Pro Wrestling Podcast as co-host Fumi Saito and I skip the news and questions this week for a very important reason. 

2018 marks 30 years since the murder of Bruiser Brody in Puerto Rico and it's also been 30 years since Fumi last spoke to Brody's widow, Barbara Goodish. In a very personal interview for both Fumi and Barbara from May of this year, they talk about Brody's legacy, his wrestling philosophy, why he always protected his reputation in Japan, his favorite opponents, Brody's surprising fears, an update on her son Geoff, Brody's relationship with Baba and Inoki, how he and Stan Hansen put Ribera Steakhouse on the map.

Plus, Barbara answers the question once and for all if Bruiser Brody would have gone to the WWF and lost to Hulk Hogan. Additionally, Barbara learns parts of her husband's career from Fumi that even she didn't know.

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