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Pacific Rim: History of Tag League tournaments in Japan

This time of the year means one thing: it's tag league season in Japan.

Fumi Saito and Jim Valley cover the history of both tag league tournaments: Real World Tag League in All Japan and the World Tag League in New Japan Pro Wrestling. Tracing back to Rikidozan, they also talk about the Madison Square Garden tournaments in Japan, the IWGP tournament, and Antonio Inoki's WWF title win and how it created problems.

They also look at the Killer Elite Squad and other teams who could win this year's World Tag League. Plus, more answers to #AskFumi questions on 1990's Wrestling Summit card with Vince McMahon, Giant Baba, Ultimate Warrior, Ted DiBiase, and Hulk Hogan and where Kenny Omega rates among the biggest North American stars in Japanese history like Dick Beyer, Bruiser Brody, Stan Hansen, and more.

Follow Fumi Saito on Twitter @fumihikodayo and Jim Valley at @jimvalley.

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