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Dec 14 After Dark Radio Show: Bryan Alvarez takes calls and emails on haunted dolls, UFO's more, then Dr. Lynne Kitei of the Phoenix Lights Network talks the famous 1997 case, other weird sightings around Phoenix and tons more!

After Dark Radio returns with our latest LIVE show on the Dark Matter Radio Network, and it's a packed two hours! We'll take you phone calls and emails on a variety of topics including haunted dolls, dolls that age, UFO sightings and more, then we're joined by Dr. Lynne Kitei of the Phoenix Lights Network to discuss not only the famous 1997 sighting, but other mysterious objects seen in and around Phoenix, the supposed explanations and why she doesn't feel they hold water, her book and documentary on the subject and more! Two full hours of fascinating discussion, so check it out, and if you love the show, please spread the word about After Dark Radio!

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