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April 15 2010 Adam and Mike Show

The original alternate has returned less than 24 hours later to deal with KAYFABULOUS ACTIVITIES. Topics this time around include, but aren't limited to: Anderson Silva (shocking, we know), Jay Briscoe = Delmarvalous, Bryan's black lung, child rearing, lost trains of thought, Dick Togo vs. guinea pigs, Taguchi, No Limit, New Japan's cultivation of stars, reviews of the NJ Cup finals, Adam's horoscope, AJ's Champions Carnival and next tour, TNA stupidity, wanting Colby Corino vs. Bambi, plus Z-1, DDT, DGate, BJW, and other companies with assorted letters, plus a NEW closing show feature. Yes, it's the radio show that's worth at least 19 cents of the $1.00 subscription increase; It's the Adam & Mike BIG AUDIO NIGHTMARE; Proudly here at

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