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Aug. 14th Adam & Mike & Joe Show: The final word on 2014 NJPW G-1 Climax Tournament~!

Have you heard enough talk yet about the New Japan G-1 Climax XXIV? Of course you haven't! Know why? Because you haven't heard the original alternates break down the performance of the battle artists, that's why! Just like last year, Adam and Mike are joined by the great Joe Gagne (somewhere, in the Guns-N-Roses "Don't Cry" video, someone is holding up a sign that says "Where's Alan?"), and we all give our takes. Was it the best tournament of all-time? What were the best (of the best) matches? Who was the MVP? Gut feelings on the Jarrett-Tanahashi-Bullet Club angle, plus, biggest inspiration and surprise, stock up/stock down, philosophy on booking, buildings, spacing out shows and so much more. An hour of power... yes, an audio shower. It's the radio show that's bigger than a Scott D'Amore Bullet Club t-shirt; It's the Adam and Mike and Joe BIG AUDIO NIGHTMARE~! Proudly here at (Thanks for the shoutout Brother Britt.)

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