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August 15th Adam and Mike (and Joe and Alan) Show: NJPW G1 CLIMAX 23 ROUNDTABLE~!~!~!

SYNERGY~! It's time for the LAST WORD on the critically acclaimed 2013 G1 Climax, and something special was needed, something unheard of... a union of dreams and nightmares! That's right, on this edition of the Adam and Mike Big Audio Nightmare, the lads are joined by the DKP's Alan and Joe for everything that was possibly left to discuss coming out of the historic tournament. Find out who the consensus MVP's were, what matches and performers pleasantly surprised, what should be done with different guys moving forward and which member of the panel was the ultimate heel before the show even began! Various criticisms of the tournament are addressed with some different perspectives offered, and we do a little Stock Up/Stock down on the performers. The definitive final word on a memorabale 2 weeks! CHECK IT!!!

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