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Big Audio Nightmare 12/23: Our musings leading into NJPW's Dome Show on 1/4

So, we haven't exactly been able to adhere to our promise of getting back on a weekly schedule. But, hey, absence makes the heart grow fonder, right? Of course it does. And the Big Audio Nightmare is back in town! Sort of like a forlorn ex after a bender? Maybe. But that's not important right now. What is important are topics that include, but aren't limited to: the upcoming New Japan Tokyo Dome show, the Earth will continue on its axis despite Matt Stryker joining J.R. on commentary, this show will continue despite's updates ending, the UFC makes the move to the Fight Network/TSN/RDS, can we get an Canadian overnight on radio please?, we wear official NJPWWorld knee-pads, are giddy about NJPW-NOAH possibilities, and much more. It's the radio show with a SAP button of Roger Kent and Blackjack Mulligan - done spitefully to keep you listening to us; It's the Adam & Mike BIG AUDIO NIGHTMARE~! Proudly here at

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