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Big Audio Nightmare: Adam & Mike break down Wrestle Kingdom 11


The original alternate is back, very much sleep-deprived and tongue-tied, but also full of the type of fighting spirit that can only be received by staying up all night to watch the 2017 New Japan Wrestle Kingdom 11 show.

Second only to WWE's WrestleMania as a destination spot on the calendar, Adam and Mike quickly run through the Tokyo Dome card and briefly give their thoughts on the results. What did we think the best match was? Who showcased the best individual performance? What direction will they go? How do they see in those Tiger masks? Is it okay to fantasy book Juice Robinson's next five-to-seven years?

All of those questions will be answered, and more. It's the podcast that knows sleep can be overrated, but Tetsuya Naito matches never can be. It's the Adam and Mike BIG AUDIO NIGHTMARE~! Proudly here at

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