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Big Audio Nightmare: Amazing AJPW; NOAH's new look, DDT, more


After being gone for a minute, Adam Summers and Mike Sempervive are back with the original alternate here at Wrestling Observer/Figure Four Online.

After a little warm up where the guys discuss the winter of Adam's discontent getting (temporarily) erased by THE BOSS, the Chicago sporting mentality, and some other non-grapple tidbits, we get into a cavalcade of puroresu hot messiness.

Topics include having all the GUTS World in the world, DDT's Osaka Octopus, an Uwai Station reunion reference so obscure that they're celebrating at Victor Zangiev's house, NOAH's new look and future plans, an amazing All Japan show, New Japan's march to 1/4, the Les Bullet Club, watermelon shirts, Tokyo Produced produce, and so much more.

It's the show that inspired other shows to do shows, because they figured how hard could it be? It's the Adam and Mike BIG AUDIO NIGHTMARE, here at

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