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Big Audio Nightmare: New Japan G1 Climax 2016 Prediction Show

G1 Hashtag Promo Pic.jpg

Just when you started to give up on HOPE, the optimistic attitude of mind which is the life-blood of Observer Live, NEVER FEAR!

It's time again for the annual, arduous, infamous, more-than-famous, match-by-match, pick 'em, extravaganza that's known as the Adam and Mike BIG CLIMAX SELECTION SHOW.

Without trying to figure it out beforehand, we go through every tournament match of the month-long, 19-show, survival of the fittest, and choose who we think will succeed in getting themselves into the final, which takes place on the final of three nights at Sumo Hall.

Plus, don't worry, if you were hoping for Mike to bitch about people bitching about the J-Cup, there's that too. As well as, um, cautious optimism when it comes to the rumored GM of the new Las Vegas NHL franchise. It's the radio show that somehow got left unprotected in the audio expansion draft. It's the Adam and Mike BIG AUDIO NIGHTMARE~!

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