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December 16 2008 Adam and Mike Show

The original alternate returns after a short hiatus with a long show. Real long. 100 minutes long. We had to make up for lost time. Topics include, but aren't limited to: a half hour discussion of the NHL (National Hypocrite League?) and Sean Avery's plight, why the Stars blow, the Habs power (outage) play, Broadway boredom, Streit up, Gaboriksux, forty minutes of kayfabulousness including Dome show salivation, R-Thruthiness, a meeting of the Shingo Appreciation Society during the '08 awards, Who meant more to AJ: Kensuke vs. Minoru, not knowing what the hell match you're talking about, Fuchi's All-Asian title belt titty twisters, eerie autographs, bookended with more hockey, the common man sport money crunch, and more. It's the radio show that teaches you what Shoot Hamaguchi taught us: Patience is a virtue best served cold; It's the Adam & Mike BIG AUDIO NIGHTMARE; proudly here at

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