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December 19 2006 Adam and Mike Show

Adam and Mike have returned for the pre-holiday Holiday Edition of the Big Audio Nightmare. How does the holiday edition differ from other shows? WE HIT THE NOG~! Well, not really, but we do spend 80 minutes discussing: The 1/4 Tokyo Dome show or What happens when men who smoke wellness name matches. Adam's hockey love, and Mike's sports hate. The Necro Butcher Appreciation Society. Trading the Briscoe Brothers for Eddie Edwards. MAP Presents High-Class Suit Cut Ticket Scramble Battle Royal with a ladder. We answer how tough an American prison is using American Balloon as our muse. And we also give thanks to someone who in a strange way is kinda-sorta of responsible for this show being here today. Yes, all of this and much more - including a plug for the most recent JVTW show starring us - on the alternate programming that will never hate its loyal 58,'s BIG AUDIO NIGHTMARE~!

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