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December 22 2009 Adam and Mike Show

One of the most consistent things about the Substantial Sonic Satisfier has been our adherence to one rule: No guests. They’re a pain to get a hold of, and can often be a real pain in the ass. At least that’s what we thought. Then we SLAPPED THE PORPOISE~! Yes, we've returned with Ring of Honor talk featuring its fine announcer, MIKE HOGEWOOD. We’ll talk about his first year, what an Emmy winner has learned from wrestling, how he’s working to get better, what he respects most, enthusiasm, tag wrestling, and much more – including should Friedgen have been fired, as well as what NASCAR needs – which parallels wrestling. We follow that up with former WWE creative member and current ROH multitasker DAVE LAGANA talking about Saturday’s Final Battle internet show and it’s up’s and down’s, the differences between producing in WWE and ROH, Cornette, the DELMARVELOUS Briscoes, having the best match on 1/4, Russo’s one-day return to WWE, and much more.. It’s the radio show that talks to people who love to talk to people who talk. It’s the Adam & Mike BIG AUDIO NIGHTMARE~! Proudly here at

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