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Feb 12 2009 Adam and Mike Show

The original alternate returns with show number one of two in the following days. Making up for the fact that there was no mention of it last time around, it's approximately forty-five minutes of what you subscribe to this website for: HOCKEY. (Editor's Note: Big Dave does not approve.) This week's topics include, and are pretty much limited to: WELCOME HOME SEAN AVERY~!, the Wizard of Oz scarecrow has more heart than the Rangers, why Montreal fans should be worried - and why they shouldn't, who's the mightiest: San Jose vs. Boston, damn it feels good to be a Blackhawks fan, Dear Mr. Fantasy, OttowaLOUL, tehsupasonic has a thread that's better than yours, picks for the biggest race on the left turn schedule, and more. It's the radio show that feels like a man who's worked at a job for 30 years - 30 years - received a watch, a kick in the butt, was told a computer took his job, and now knows HARD TIMES. It's the Adam & Mike BIG AUDIO NIGHTMARE~! Proudly here at

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