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Feb 9 Adam & Mike Show: Barnett-Sylvia IGF review, Joshi title v. hair match review, Japan news, NHL

The original alternate returns this week with a cavalcade of purorageous activities, which led to topics including, but not limited to: the original Keys of comedy with a meme to remember, a look at September's IGF antics featuring Barnett-Sylvia, Coleman-Suzukawa, and a bunch of b-list Brother Yasshi's, a review of last July's Nanae Takahashi-Kaori Yoneyama title vs. hair match, masu-me-too!, the busted New Year's match with Sapp finally happens in IGF, congrats to MVP, plus news-notes from All Japan, D-Gate, Osaka Pro, BJW gives us Team Pig Gorilla, SEM gives us good seating - everywhere, TNA gives us Okada as Bruce Lee as Kato, and much more. Yeah, it's the kind of radio show that you might come across one night hanging out the back of it; It's the Adam & Mike BIG AUDIO NIGHTMARE~! Proudly here at

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