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FREE SHOW! Adam & Mike Show 1/18: Live NXT review, more on the New Japan Four


Three weeks running, as we get our show mojo back to mid-card level around this place (we see your upwardly-mobile self Tom Lawlor), the original alternate has successfully recorded audio. To celebrate this monumental achievement, we've decided to make this show a gratis edition. So, you're welcome and stuff. And for this, the topics include, but aren't limited to: Adam's afternoon NXT experience, anti-Minoru Tanaka building temperatures, Finn as your host for the evening, Baron Von Corbin, Finn as HEEL, drifting brain cells makes remembering stories about drifters hard, bitter old men chase chanting kids off their lawn, the ballad of Tye Dillinger, Akiyama-Suwama, the origin of Bobby Brainkiller (which almost killed the show) and more. It's the only free radio show that would a bargain at half the price; It's the Adam and Mike BIG AUDIO NIGHTMARE. Proudly here at

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