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Jan. 13th Adam & Mike Show: Dome Show fallout, NJPW-NOAH partnership, Hashimoto, Indies, NHL & more

Topics include, but aren't limited to: a touch of hockey with goalies standing in their B-boy stance and the new concept All-Star game, not even Matt Hardy could misunderstand how bad Jeff-Naito was and the rest of the final Dome postmortem, thoughts on possible moves including the site, the date, American affiliations, and more, plus we decide which match we'll review next, the upcoming debut of Daichi Hashimoto for Zero-1, a great idea for Tadao Yasuda to give back to the shady, an invisible All Japan Triple Crown defense, and notes from Legend, Dragon Gate, Osaka Pro, K-Dojo, Kensuke Office and more. It's the radio show that is still LOULing over The Onion headline: "New Orleans Saints Lose First-Round Bye"; It's the Adam & Mike BIG AUDIO NIGHTMARE~! Proudly here at

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