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Jan 18 Adam & Mike Show: A 108 person battle royal, NOAH Global tag league, Kawada or Big Kev, AJPW

The original alternate makes good on its promise of quick turn-around time and is back to give YOU, the people, more goodness. 60 minutes of it, in fact, with topics including, but not limited to: the ONE HUNDRED AND EIGHT PERSON BATTLE ROYAL, the ongoing NOAH Global tag league, and what they have set up for their next tour, a look at two New Year’s Day Zero-1 matches, which old guy has sold better recently: Kawada or Big Kev, feeling up All Japan, and a few minutes talking the sport of the Chicago Blackhawks and Eastern conference inferiority. It’s the radio show that knows it’s got that Rusty Kuntz baseball card somewhere; It’s the Adam & Mike BIG AUDIO NIGHTMARE~! Proudly here at Bryan

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