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Jan. 22nd Adam & Mike Show: Fantastica Mania, NJPW Feb. Preview, Morishima, other Japan, and more~!

The original alternate finally makes its way back onto the Poderoso Ponderosa network with 70 minutes of audio, that can only be described as sound. This week's topics include, but aren't limited to: weathering the weather, there's no explaining Randy Orton, going home down the worst possible road, MOR NETWERK TAHK, Adam's thoughts on the Tokyo Dome, increasing theatrics and aesthetics in NJ, more love for their immediate future and the developing greatness of Okada, the NJPW-CMLL Fantastica Mania tour, accidental insults, Morishima, the 4FW Jr. Heavyweight title defended at a Best Western, and much. much more. It's the radio show that's got the moves like Fuego; It's the Adam & Mike BIG AUDIO NIGHTMARE~! Proudly here at

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