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Jan. 2nd Adam & Mike FREE Show - New Japan TOKYO DOME preview, much more~!

Never fear, the original alternate is here. And, better yet, it's the rare GRATIS EDITION. It may not be the random cavalcade we usually do, but "Japan's WrestleMania" only comes around once a year and we're more than a little excited for it. Match-by-match, we go through Saturday's New Japan Pro Wrestling "Wrestle Kingdom VIII" show taking place at the Tokyo Dome, giving our thoughts and predictions - and are we looking past the show (which was the wrestling world's best in 2013)? If so, why? Also, a few other random notes from the puro world - alongside a warning for parents thinking about getting their child anything from the WWE Stack Down line. It's the radio show that would like to scream "F*** it! We'll do it live!" But, we'll wait our turn on that one; It's the Adam & Mike BIG AUDIO NIGHTMARE~! Proudly here at

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