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July 11th Adam & Mike Show: WRESTLE-1, AJPW (or what is left of it), NJPW, Bob Backlund, and more~!

The original alternate has returned with 80 minutes of the most awesome show we've done, since the last time we did a show. We mean it. It's a good'n. Topics include, but aren't limited to: threats of bodily harm towards Alan and Joe over propitiatory G-1 material, more New Japanamania, a lineup that hits your G-1 spot, are they giving matches away?, Goto-Shibata love, Taichi wants to let you know he's not Taishi, bullish on WRESTLE-1, bearish on All Japan and NOAH - and where NJ fits in all of this, Mike's WWE house show experience with his family, as well as the Briscoe family, and Bob Backlund cutting promos about family, Gyms in a Box, Kota Ibushi, Z1 FF blocks, and much, much more. It's the radio show that respects that you believe Sanshiro Takagi is a better Peter Pan than Cathy Rigby; It's the Adam & Mike BIG AUDIO NIGHTMARE, proudly here at

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