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July 20th Adam & Mike Show - NJPW G-1 v. Z-1 Fire Fest, NJPW/AJPW thoughts, Yamakawa, NOAH, more~!

Never fear, the original alternate is here. Yep, lack of witty inspiration has reduced us to Underdog catchphrases, as we've saved all of our brainworthiness for 80 minutes of topics including, but not limited to: channeling the #FTA for N64 games, Z1 vs. G1, the block lineups for both leagues, circumcised film, does Nosawa have a Lee Majors level Fall Guy?, a sendoff for Ryuji Yamakawa that even Messiah could give thumbs up to, TNA travels to the Green mat for the first time, a #DemBoys Revival, Daichi, Goto, and much, much more. It's the radio show whose Climax has begun to build; It's the Adam & Mike BIG AUDIO NIGHTMARE proudly here at

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