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July 21 2009 Adam and Mike Show

Topics include, but aren’t limited to: Dragon Gate gets ready for Philly by way of Kobe including Doi locking up the Gates, Yoshihiko announced as Chicago Blackhawks team president, no matter who you are you have to hate Tiger Mask IV, what his title retention may mean for Aoki, Apollo 55, Mistico, etc., more slurping on Milano and Devitt, the rest of the July 20 New Japan Circuit Soul show, No Limit, digressions into Dean Malenko, NOAH NTV Cup update, random title news in Zero-1, O-Pro and JWP, the only silver lining of Black Saturday, Starship Coyote Dan Spivey, and more. It’s the radio show with Headlocks, Hard Hits and Penalty Minutes; It’s the Adam & Mike BIG AUDIO NIGHTMARE~! Proudly here at

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