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July 29 Audio Nightmare: G-1 Predictions Pt.2, Joe Gagne in for Semp, Funtime Wrestling Arcade~!

It's Part 2 of our annual New Japan G-1 Predictions Show - Mike is on assignment (drinking and selling drinks, basically), so Adam is joined for the majority of the show by Joe Gagne of the Funtime Wrestling Arcade~! After plowing through several days of G-1 results, Joe joins the show for G-1 final night predictions, an interrogation regarding a particular Funtime Wrestling Arcade episode, other wacky wrestling games, Dragon Gate World in Kobe, a surprising DDT match, and the best wrestling show on the planet - Occupation of the Indies~! It's the show that forever extols the virtues of the Sega Master System - the Adam & Mike Big Audio Nightmare right here at

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