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June 26th Adam & Mike Show: NJPW, M-Pro, AJPW, NOAH-TNA relationship, ROH, random WCW thoughts~!

Once again slipping in under the wire to defend our original alternate title within 30 days, the Grande Sonic Terror returns with topics including, but not limited to: working slowly back in to the groove, #FTA #FTW, Adam's kayfabulous ninja memories, way too many random WCW thoughts including KNOBLE AND KARAGIAS, way way too many random Ring of Honor thoughts including the disconnect between the TV and the IPPV's, Davey Richards, roster issues, etc., NOAH-TNA benefits, New Japan, Okada's introduction complete, Dominion results, 40th Anniversary "We Are Pro Wrestling" lineup, watch Sekimoto/Okabayashi-Kondo/Hayashi NOW, then watch Junior Fujita-Kenou, and much more. It's the radio show that understands that the wrestling gods allowed C.C.K. Chris Champagne Kanyon to happen, so that all of us could have Juicy commentary; It's the Adam & Mike BIG AUDIO NIGHTMARE, proudly here at

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