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March 18th Adam & Mike Show: Okada-Naito, NJPW, Giant Bernard, NOAH 3/18, AJPW, NHL, more~!

At long last, the original alternate here at the Grappling Beholder has returned - and we have a valid excuse. Really. We have a note. This week topics include, but aren't limited to: twenty minutes of oral surgery and the NHL, and then it's 70 more featuring a fine start for creepy doll kissing guy, Tanahashi-Okada, Okada-Naito, an idea for Okada's next feud, New Japan Cup line-up, Giant Bernard's situation and what door is open for gaijin, Devitt-Richards and what it was worth, NOAH's 3/18 show leading to an unintentional rant, and much more. It's the radio show that's got that note right here, and it's signed Epstein's mother; It's the Adam & Mike BIG AUDIO NIGHTMARE proudly here at

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