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November 2 2006 Adam and Mike Show

Adam and Mike are back with a show that was a labour of love. Without the love. Listen as two grown men melt down during the hour-plus culmination to a show that took 862 hours to record. Come for the KENTA-Marufuji discussion, and stay for the rest of the October 29th doings. Or stay for P.N. News vs. Johnny B. Badd, where to find "Unspoiled Filipina Maidens who desire friendship and marriage," the most unfortunate pronunciation of the day, arena reports, boobies, vacations, and the knowledge of where you can find "Thin or Thick White Tablets." Lord knows that after this you may need them. So hooligans mount up, and prepare to get unwell, it's the BIG AUDIO NIGHTMARE~! here at

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