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Oct. 5 Adam & Mike Show: New Japan in the U.S., Kobashi, Joshi, Indy Sleaze, Hockey

Overcoming off-air audio difficulty and being AVERY'D~! to bring YOU, the fine listener of this website, a disheveled - but not distressed - original alternate. Topics this week include, but aren't limited to: bringing back the BBC's Lillibullero, no booze, no buys at BWI, everybody make the Kobashi face, WAVElations including those two tranny types, being too excited too early for the impending arrival of Tanahashi and the rest of the NJ contingent in JAPW, David Otunga's raw deal, a slight touch of stick-n-puck, and a return of the Indy Sleaze Showcase of the Day via, but not endorsed by, PuroresuCentral. It's the radio show that knows we should all be afraid of Kaitlyn's thighs, but they really are mesmerizing; It's the Adam & Mike BIG AUDIO NIGHTMARE~! Proudly here at

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