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Sept. 13th Adam & Mike Show: Okada/Tanahashi, NJPW Kobe preview, HOF, AJPW, BJPW, Fukumen League

Mightier than a Hiroshi Tanahashi-Testuya Naito match, and almost as awesome as hearing about that rumored Shakira video existing, it's the return of the original alternate featuring discussion on topics, including, but not limited to: Nagata and Tanahashi's tethered tale of unique New Japan eras colliding during WON HOF season, where Florida Brother Ken Skee fits in (go ahead, use that Hokuto joke here), rotten G-EGGS, plus notes on NJ at Korakuen on 9/7 and Kobe on 9/23, AJ at Korakuen on 9/8, the NOAH G+ Cup Jr. tag league, Happy Akiyanniversary, The Zodiac

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