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April 3 Bryan & Vinny Show: Only comes once a year, the POST-WRESTLEMANIA B&V SHOW with thoughts on WrestleMania, Raw, Rock vs. Cena, Brock, Elgin vs. Richards must-see, ROH shows, DGUSA show, weekend memories, tons more!

It only comes once per year -- the post-WrestleMania Bryan & Vinny Show~! Tons and tons to discuss including memories of an awesome Mania weekend, thoughts on all the big shows including Raw, WrestleMania, Dragon Gate USA, both Ring of Honor events, and more, plus why you MUST SEE Elgin vs. Richards, thoughts on Rock vs. Cena, why Vinny thought the Taker match was ***, Bryan getting more infuriated than he has at any time since 2008, and so much more. A fun show as always so check it out~!

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