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August 5 2009 Bryan and Vinny Show

It's the Tuesday night edition of the Bryan & Vinny Show, and it's a big one. Three huge shows to talk about: A GREAT Smackdown with Hardy vs. Morrison on top; a horrible, utterly wretched Raw with DR. KEN, who sucked no matter how famous he is; and SUMMERSLAM 1993 with LEX LUGER VS. YOKOZUNA and UNDERTAKER VS. GIANT GONZALEZ. Oh yes. All that plus brand new songs, drops, and a very special shout-out at the end. Best of all it's FREE, so please post the link or file elsewhere and help spread the word about! And if you like what you hear, consider signing up as Vinny and I do at least two new shows a week in addition to all the other new and archived radio shows and newsletters dating back to 2005!

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