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FIVE YEAR ANNIVERSARY BRYAN & VINNY SHOW~! Granny, Impact and NXT woes, great songs, fun and hijinx

IT'S THE FIFTH ANNIVERSARY OF F4WONLINE.COM BRYAN AND VINNY CELEBRATION~! And what more could you ask for on our 609th show since June 12, 2005? Our usual weekly visit from a very game Granny, including her usual Q&A with some fascinating questions. A burial of Impact, which was actually, despite the burial, pretty good by Impact standards. A burial, I guess, of NXT. Not sure what to call it. And some great songs, including one of the greatest of all time. Thanks so much to everyone for five great years of online fun, and especially the hardcores who bought the first issue of Figure Four Weekly on June 12, 1995. You are all the best, and here's to more fun in the future!

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