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January 15 2007 Bryan and Vinny Show

We're back to recap the fantastically absurd TNA Final Resolution PPV, which resolved virtually nothing. Thoughts on all the matches including Joe vs. Angle III, the VKM/Christy Hemme segment which was one of the worst things I've seen in wrestling in quite some time, and nonsensical booking and angles up and down the show. We've also got an ASSIGNMENT for those of you who actually purchased this PPV (and given how easily I got through when I had to call COMCAST at 5:00 PM, is not many of you). Also, the first half hour of this show is devoted to Brent Kremen, our friend and TNA PPV correspondent who recently spent three weeks locked up against his will in an asylum. When you know a guy for ten years and he gets sent to an institution, and you know that he may be weird and wacky but is harmless and certainly sane, it can initially be a source of comedy that such a thing can occur. But then when you hear about what else is going on in the institution and who else is in there, you are very quickly brought back down to earth. It's a fascinating story and there are lessons everyone can learn from it. Quite the show today!

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