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Nov. 18 Bryan & Vinny Show~! First annual BINGO CONTEST, can Vinny win or will he fail again?, Impact review, your chance to win New Age Outlaws shoot DVD, great songs, tons more!

A MIGHTY and EPIC edition of the Bryan & Vinny Show is now online~! We've got the FIRST ANNUAL BRYAN & VINNY BINGO BATTEL, a fun and wacky time involving Bryan, Vinny, Granny and even Bryan's Wife Whitney! Can Vinny become the FIRST BINGO CHAMP or will he FAIL AGAIN? Also, an Impact review. Show was fine. And since it's Thursday, a GIVE-AWAY -- listen, and you too could win a free copy of the brand new New Age Outlaws Shoot DVD, available at A fun show as always to kick off a wintry weekend, so check it out~!

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